— ANTI Denim has risen! We at the Norwegian design office ANTI wanted to use our experience and knowledge of design to create our own brand - a brand that reflected our love of fashion, of graphic design, and which reflected the unremitting darkness that is at the heart of the Norwegian identity and is the seat of true Black Metal. ANTI Denim is that unholy creation! We are aiming to once again take rebellion back to black jeans!

— With our first line of jeans named Anti Sweden we took up the friendly fight that has existed between our two countries ever since the liquidation of the alliance in 1905. While minimalism is at the heart of both Scandinavian countries, Norwegians embrace the dark and the occult as central to our identity. ANTI Denim is Black Metal going fashion.

— Since the start of the label in 2009, we have been working with artists and designers like Justin Bartlett, famous for his gore art and connectedness to the sub culture. Bands and artists like 1349, Runhild Gamelsæter, Satyricon, Stephen    O'Malley from SunnO))) ++ have all been involved in the development of ANTI Denim as we are equally possesed with fashion, music and design.

— Being the only true and original denim label with this unique connectedness to the sub culture we have been reviewed in wallpaper, lanched Fashion Week in Hell  ( a small town in the north of Norway ) where Calico Cooper, daughter of Alice Cooper was modelling and presenting our collection which we burned after the show. Recently we presented ANTI Denim in Jakarta and we are constantly developing new black denim concepts to the growing group of followers. 

— Central to our core values is the belief that our apparel should remain strictly limited and exclusive. Unlike other apparel brands we don't create vast seasonal collections. Rather, we aim to create supremely collectable and desirable limited edition pieces through alliances with selected artists and musicians who share our dark disturbed vision.
© 2012 ANTI
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